Utility Technical Services, Inc.
    Founded in 1992, Utility Technical Services' primary goal was, and is still, to develop and offer the best technical training anywhere within the industry, Guaranteed! 
We would like to invite you to explore a new concept in training that has redefined traditional training methods.
    • All training courses are "suitcase packaged" directly to the students   thus eliminating student travel expense and travel time.
    • Actual training is conducted in live environments, (no simulated environments) and in actual field conditions which has proven to develop far greater student confidence and retention levels.
    • Classes are small which allows for more individual hands on performance.
    • Many of our courses include subject theory, analysis, and resolution which makes training in a live environment productive. Classes will frequently resolve major plant problems that offset or even cover      the entire cost of training.
    • All of our training has been designed by expert technical field   personnel which reflects important emphasis on safety, quality of service, and cost reductions, all within the framework of a    competitive environment.
    • Courses are developed to train specific technical applications in order  to provide maximum proficiency levels.
    • Training, many times, is customized and tailored to meet individual needs and procedures.
    • Updates to existing courses are always in progress. This allows us to maintain a current status of all technology changes and improvements within the industry.
We invite you to experience this new training concept that offers what we consider to be the best training in the industry.   
Just ask our customers!